Product we deals

We 'BOURI COMPRESSOR' manufacturing oil injected screw compressor in the range of 2.2 KW to 55 KW with reputed and proven German brand AIREND.This AIREND is the new generation of rotor profile which is having high class of reliablity and energy efficient.

Capacity from 15 C.F.M to 300 C.F.M

working pressure from 5 bar to 15 bar

Overview of our Compressor package

COMPACT SCREW END (AIREND): This new generation compact unit is proven for long years.this oil injected Airend very rugged and robust which we have provided warranty of 2 years.

MULTI-BLOCK: One in everything in the MUILTIBLOCK like air/oil separator ,oil filter,MPCV ,TCV,Oil level guage. this MULTIBLOCK is very reliable and rugged the machine very maintenance freindly.

LOGIKA CONTROLLER: We provide very high reliable controller system in our compressor to maintain and keep eye every parameter round the clock very accurately and precisely .if any abnormality observed it will either shutdown or alarm as per the situation demands. This highly reliable controller and sensor we also import from reputed manufacturer in Europe.

MOTOR: We supply IE2 grade of motor which made by cromption Greaves-India so our entire compressor supplied with highest efficiency class of IE2 grade of motor and IP55 class of insulation as a standard.

ELECTRICAL-COMPONENT: All electrical contractors,relays, safety switches we provided are SIEMENS make.

COOLING FAN: Our axial fan are very very energy efficient and very less noise so the total package are less energy consumption to the best competitor in the world.This fan is completely indigenous.

STRUCTURE AND CANOPY: The compressor foundation base we make at county's best manufacturer of steel. The high grade and higher thick size of steel channel and plate which can tack very high static and dynamic loads to minimise the vibration at maximum level.

VIBRATION DAMPER: Our all machine are provided of higher grade of vibration damper to reduce vibration at highest level.

POWDER COATING: The all structure and canopy are throughly treated as per the standard procedure and then powder coated to enhance the life of the compressor.

MULTI-GROVE BELTS AND PULLEYS: We supplied Germon make highly efficient multi grave belts what has zero transmission loss.the high grade casted drive and driven pulleys are very reliable, rugged, highle balanced and less weight to reduce energy consumption as well.

NUTS AND BOLTS: All fasteners, washers we provide our country best manufacturer to make the machine reliable at every point of view.

we also have other products for the replacement market for other OEM-Compressor