Our decades

We are now manufacturing of screw compressor in the range of 2.2KW to 55KW with reputed and proven German brand AIREND, This AIREND is the new generation of rotor profile which having high class of reliability and energy efficient.

our New generation COMPACT screw compressor from 2.2KW toUpto 55KW

Capacity from 15 C.F.M to 300 C.F.M

working pressure from 5 bar to 15 bar


  • Package in AIREND so compressor is very flexible.

  • German's new generations set of AIREND with high energy efficient ad quiescent(less noise).

  • less oil carryover within 1-2PPM.

  • Swift and easy maintenance.

  • Supplied with IE2 motor as standard. IE3 and IE4 motorsupplied as per customer's demand.

  • Synthetic coolant provided.Coolant drain interval 6000-8000hrs.

  • Logika Controller, which monitor compressor's data every second and pings if any abnormality deducts in machine.

  • Big size air/oil cooler to maintain temperature in safe zone besides it being running in topical condition.tested of each unit before leaving the factory.

  • One in everything in this compact AIREND unit.There is no extra separator tank,large piping so the package covered very less space.Our all models inbuilt with spin on type separator element and oil filter so replacing these consumable item don't required very high skill of manpower to carryout any maintenance job and it also very much time savy.

  • Because of the compact unit the quantity of oil consumption is very very less.

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Why we are the BEST

We always believe in what we delivered that should be the best in the industry. The whole job including


We do packaging, transportation with our private vehicle loading/unloading at both ends so that we can deliver the job as per customer expectation


Installation did our trained engineers having sound knowledge of mechanical electrical and instrumentation to find out root case or troubleshooting if any during the job.

On site testing this also done with our experienced engineers.