Product Details

Nakul Series

a) All in one in AIREND unit so the compressor is very compact.
b) Advanced new generation rotor profiles are very energy efficient and less noise
c) Very less quantity of oil required in the similar size of air compressor.
d) Synthetic coolant provided. Coolant drain interval 6000-8000 running hours.
e) Vibration dampter along with heavy steel plate for base mounting has been provided in each model to avoid vibration during running.
f) Spin on type air/oil separator has provided therefore oil carryover is very less within 1-2ppm.
g) Spin-on type oil filter is very easy to remove and fittings during maintenance works.
h) MPCV, TCV and DCV are provided in a single multi-block which reduces the spaces inside the compressor, and during maintenance, it's very easy to locate the part.
i) Flexible hoses are provided to reduce the small bends which decrease pressure drop across the air and oil line minimizing the energy losses.
j) Bigger Size air/oil cooler has provided vertically and allowed ambient air directly to the cooler to get better and more efficient cooling to avoid high-temperature tipping during the summer session in the high tropical zone.
k) Multi groves belts have been provided to avoid transmission losses.
l) Safety valve has been provided in the tank as well as air receivers to safe the unit if any pressure restriction inside the unit.
m) Highly energy-efficient motor has been provided to each compressor unit.
n) All electrical contractors, MCB, relays, transformers, etc are provided from either in SIEMENS make or SCHNEIDER make to more reliable the compressor unit.
o) Logika Controller which monitors compressor data on a 24 hours clock basis and safe the machine if any abnormality.

Features and Benefits

Compact units make things very easy to maintenance and the lowest maintenance cost - All-MAC packages are proven for very less maintenance cost that we guaranteed.

Bigger size air/ oil coolers - MAC packages provided bigger size air /oil cooler considering the indian summer condition to run the compressor smoothly and continuously round the clock.

Electrical Components- MAC provides all reliable electrical components sources like either SIEMENS or SCHNEIDER make.